Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cyberpunk, dream worlds, ecology, fantasy (dark, epic, swords and sorcery), feminism, Jungian psychology, hard scifi, horror, the macabre, magical realism, micro­poetry, mental health, mythology, parables, re-tellings, robotics, speculative fiction, the supernatural, surrealism, synth­wave, transhumanism, vaporwave, virtual reality, weird fiction


Authors: Octavia E. Butler, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Cormac McCarthy, Alan Moore, Haruki Murakami; directors: James Cameron, Robert Eggers, David Lynch, Ridley Scott; artists: HR Giger; other media: Diablo II, Doom, Half-Life, Portal, Silent Hill, System Shock


  • Second place, long form category – 2021 SFPA Speculative Poetry Contest
  • Third place, long form category – 2021 SFPA Speculative Poetry Contest
  • Nominated – 2021 Rhysling Award
  • Nominated – 2020 Best of the Net Award

Select Publications

  • 2021 Rhysling Anthology
  • Barren Magazine
  • Circe's Cauldron
  • Corvid Queen
  • Danse Macabre
  • The Deep
  • Enheduanna Vol. 4
  • The Essential Herbal
  • Eternal Haunted Summer
  • Swords and Sorcery Quarterly
  • Your Daily Poem
  • Well Versed 2020
  • Writer's Cafe Magazine

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