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drinking moonshine, drinking fire...

Penned when the author was just 16, Perigee Moon is a paean to the beauty and magic of nature, the night sky, and the goddess Diana. Elegant, lyrical, passionate, and energetic, these poems dance with spirited optimism and devotion as they chronicle the author's exploration of her spirituality and the divinity of nature.

Originally published in 2012 by The Moon Publishing & Printing, this 2019 re-release has been completely edited and updated, including a new, previously unpublished poem composed specifically for this edition. And it's now only $0.99 on Amazon!

Table of Contents

Author’s Note ● Summer’s Advent ● Beginnings (A Poem) ● Ursula ● Forest Queen ● Blackberries ● Three Days ● Sky Dancer ● Wandering Farther ● Seeking ● Pleiades ● Poem XV: Diana ● After ● Running After ● Darkness ● Clarity Spell ● The Prayer ● A Play ● Moonshine, Moon Liquor ● Tree Branches and Red Candles ● Cauldron Dance ● Crossing Over ● Blessed ● A Witch’s Memories of Summer ● About the Author

Author's Note

Most of the poems in this collection were composed over the summer of 2012. It was a hot, humid summer full of late evening walks and long hours spent admiring the night sky. I was sixteen and very much in love with both writing and the magic of the natural world. I am still in love with writing and the magic of the natural world, but a writer’s style and interests naturally evolve over time, as does their skill, so I was initially nervous to revisit this collection. I was unsure of whether I would find anything worth preserving here, but I was happily surprised to find the poems still “alive”. There is an energetic sense of awe and inspiration that still sings in them all these years later. While editing them for this re-release, I tried to preserve the free, optimistic spirit that dances at their core. I have added and subtracted some things, adjusted, rearranged, and rewoven others. One poem, “A Witch’s Memory of Summer”, is an entirely new addition. Overall, however, the spirit of this collection remains what it was at its conception: an enthusiastic paean to nature and an appreciation of the magic we can find within the night sky.

Beginnings (A Poem)

So it starts, endless cycles
of hallowed light
cast far across bedspreads:
a sailor reeling in a catch,
high tide waking sleeping pearls.

So it starts, lace curtain
parted over windowpane
so eyes will meet:
mortal to divine,
hot light cutting velvet sky.

So it starts, a court of fireflies
aligned to dance until a bowed head
departs over the horizon edge:
dew gathered in slender hands,
bow bounding over shoulders.

So it starts, old notebook
shivering, ready; open
upon an open prairie:
stylus held by waiting fingers,
white pages blown by Lady’s breath
to a welcome page.

I am waiting, Queen,
for you to come.

A Witch's Memory of Summer

it goes quickly, just as
hot, swift-footed
bonfire sparks
leap skyward,
streaming over
ruddy sunburnt faces
and wind-tousled hair

it goes quickly, just as
flashing claps of
white thunder pierce
the underbelly of
a warm afternoon
and a shrieking rain
pounds your chest
with fury and then is gone,
melted away into wet grass

it goes quickly, just as
herbs sought by
soil-toughened hands
are caressed into warm,
sweet waiting water
and day draws closer
beating slower

it goes quickly, just as
steam awakening
from a black kettle
finds its way through lace
heavy with autumn twilight,
taking with it the ghosts
of past summers,

seedlings of seeds who are
seedlings of seeds, moon-pearls
gathered long ago
in the hem of a seersucker dress
—what happened to that dress,
her favorite one?
now faded and stained
with aging images of
walking through fields
catching blackberries
chasing a passing moon—

it goes quickly, just as
the days become shorter
slowly at first, then all at once,
and the light coming
through the curtains
is thin now, garden bare

it goes quickly, just as always,
and the witch watches
memories fill the quiet air,
leaves settling in the bottom
of the little moonlit cup
sitting on the open